Help create better education & learning solutions for refugees of Pakistan

What if I tell you you could win $500,000 in funding for submitting an idea?

A few months a very interesting opportunity came my way when I found out that was looking to hire an In-Country Community Manager for the Amplify program in Pakistan. As one would do, I looked at the job description and applied right away with little knowledge of what I would be involved in and little did I know that I would be selected to lead human-centered design community in Pakistan around one of the most important challenges on:

How might we improve education & learning opportunities for refugees and people displaced by conflict in Pakistan?’


About Amplify and Amplify Challenge

Amplify is a series of challenges to make international aid more collaborative and human-centered and is brought to you by, and DFID. Learn more at

For 2015, the challenge is around finding the best solutions and learning opportunities for refugees and people displaced by conflict in Pakistan and we are calling out to all NGOs, non-profits, startups, think tanks (and even individuals) with love for education and design to tackle this challenge by coming up with ideas using a more human-centered design approach.


If you would like to participate, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Create a profile on and scout the challenge
  2. Contribute to research phase (Before: April 31, 2015)
  3. Submit your idea to the platform (Starts April 21, 2015)
  4. Refine your idea based on feedback from designers
  5. Get selected in ‘Top ideas’ and get funded $500,000

Essentially those are the simple steps but we would like you to take your idea to the next level for which we will be providing design-thinking support by conducting workshops around human-centered design (in Islamabad and Lahore) so if you think you or your organisations can benefit from these workshops, please drop a word at and I will keep you in the loop.

How To Get Involved with Amplify

What we are trying to do here is build a community of people who love design and would like to use it as a tool to create impact. Also, we believe, what we are trying to do with Amplify would build the building blocks of forming a community around human-centered design in Pakistan and therefore we would like all sorts of people and communities to get involved and support us in this initiative.

If you are an NGO, non-profit or startup or an individual with love for education and design, we look forward to your participation in the challenge. Amplify not only gives you the opportunity to get feedback from the worlds’ best designers about your idea but also gives you an opportunity to win $500,000 in funding if your idea makes it to the top.

For all other folks, we request you to spread the word about this challenge on social media so with your help we can reach out to the most relevant organizations and individuals in Pakistan who can contribute to this challenge.