Is Paypal officially coming to Pakistan?

In a very surprising move today, Paypal has started rolling out its merchant services in Pakistan and now if you try to setup a merchant account through any country other than the US, (e.g. UAE or UK), you will see that you can select Pakistan from the drop down list when adding your business information.

Now you’d think – why the sudden mysterious change of heart by Paypal for Pakistan?

Online marketers, digital business owners and bloggers have dreamed of this day when PayPal would officially add Pakistan to its list of supported countries so they can take their business to the next level but as previously discussed on numerous occasions and forums, its not easy for Paypal to come to Pakistan for multiple reasons such as volume of business, abundance of terrorism and the vague rules imposed by the State Bank.

So why is Pakistan listed in Country List of PayPal while Signing up?

Honestly there is much speculation around this move and most people on social media believe that it could be possible because of several reasons:

  1. It is a technical fault (or bug) and will be fixed soon.
  2. They are working on their systems to add Pakistan in allowed Country List and slowly updating their system.

So rejoice while you can. It is best not to get excited until unless you read an official blog post by PayPal about adding Pakistan to the list of supported countries.


Update: Looks like we have an official answer now. Better luck next time Pakistan

19 thoughts on “Is Paypal officially coming to Pakistan?

  1. Wow, This can be the biggest news of the decade & will give freelance industry a boost. Fingers crossed to get official confirmation.

  2. This is the stupidest thing I’ve read this year, no offence. Can’t you see that it’s just a phone number field and on top of that almost all the countries are available in the list. Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc so maybe, PayPal decided to come out in all the countries at once. Yay!

    Stop playing with Pakistani people’s hearts.

  3. Payoneer Is targeting pakistan so maybe paypal feels it may lose the market though two different types of online payment services

  4. Pakistan in paypal country list, I have seen many times, even I created on account but I was unable to verify.

  5. Yeah could be the news of the century for freelancers in Pakistan, but like you said, it is most probably a bug in the system which would be fixed soon and all our freelancers would be back in the Digital Dark Age.

    Or maybe, just maybe, Paypal is inspired by the inroads Payoneer is making in Pakistan and wants to jump onto the bandwagon. But this sounds more like a distant possibility.

    Only time will tell.

  6. I Don’t think so that paypal will come to pakistan because there are several reasons and due to the rules of state bank it is difficult that paypal come to Pakistan If you Want a Paypal Verified Account With Complete Working and Withdraw Facility to Bank Account We Can Provide You With Europe Bank and You will be able to withdraw Funds to your bank account and can withdraw to your bank account Providing Complete Verified Account of Paypal Best For Freelancers In Just 220$ With Complete 24/7 Support and in Best Price For More Details Please Contact us via email or on Phone Your can Also contact us Via Skype

    Thank You

  7. This may be an accident. But hope for good, PayPal should work in Pakistan as soon as possible.

  8. @Death

    +1 for you. I don’t know why everyone is acting like “BEWAQOOF and JAAHIL”, sorry to say, but that’s only a phone field. If you have a business you can have any mobile number in any country. I noticed “Afghanistan” is also added there, so PayPal is going to launch its services there too?


  9. I checked with paypal,, and they told me we are not offering services in pakistan,

    i told them about my account detail created , and they simply suggest you need to remove it for now

  10. A little suggestion: When you write these sort of blog posts, always add a TL;DR or something at the top so all readers don’t have to go through the entire post.

  11. i believe that the unavailability of Paypal’s services in Pakistan, is one of the major hurdles that we freelancers are facing nowadays. i wish paypal could come to Pakistan.

  12. Wow! I think now Paypal need to open eyes to see Pakistan in their supported countries. I also create account and when contact paypal then they delete my account.

  13. my paypal account is 80% verifed but my friend money at my paypal account so then my paypal account is limited so plz help me how i can again active my paypal account

  14. I wouldn’t bet on PayPal giving full access in Pakistan as they probably have worries coming here.

    But one way that I went around it was contacting Auction Essistance to help me open up an account based in the USA.

    I do have a prepaid card with USA bank attached which makes it easy to get my money out of there.

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