The Power of TEDx

It’s one of those moments where I feel like writing again. Not because I want to review a movie or share some words of wisdom, but because I have a multitude of emotions trapped inside me and I am finding it rather hard to contain them for long.

The past 10 days have been, to say the least, the best days of my life and as I sit here at the Doha International Airport waiting for my flight back home, I am simply trying to recall all the memories and experiences from the TEDxSummit.

To start with, let me just summarize the whole experience in one word – Exhiliarating.

From a couple of months back when the hype for the TEDxSummit actually started to right as of this moment when it’s finally over, the whole journey has been no less than an excitement and a quest of discovery for me. And how exactly has the TEDxSummit helped me discover myself you may ask? Well it seems that I might have an answer.

See, here is the thing. TED is strong in terms of what it offers. It’s not about the talks or the brilliance of intellect and wisdom that the speakers channel towards the viewers rather about the idea and TEDTalks acting as a catalyst to spark discussions. The same goes for TEDx too. For me, TEDx is less about collaboration and sharing and more about community building and to do that as an independent organizer without expecting anything in return is more than just phenomenal. TED doesn’t pay us to do what we do nor does it help us turn into worldwide celebrities (two of the most material benefits that would attract any human into doing something).

The TEDxSummit was where I discovered it all – The ‘X’ ingredient. It was amazing to see how 700 TEDx organizers from around the world would leave their studies, jobs, education, commitment or whatever they would be busy with just to meet each other and discover the power of X.

So, what’s the X in TEDx? Many ask. While some call it a multiplier, 2 to 4, 4 to 16, others have a theory that it is the variable. However, I believe that X is the mystery ingredient found in all TEDx organizers around the world that encourages them to create marvels within their community, discover and present new ideas and create a long-lasting change, all at no cost.

Meeting all those great people from around the world at the TEDxSummit was just half the story, what was actually interesting was their ideology about TED and TEDx and the many ideas they had in their head. No age, no religion, no race, no color. The TEDx organizers at the TEDxSummit were simply equal because they were there to show their love for TED and TEDx and how they all celebrated the idea of ‘ideas worth spreading’. Must make a shout-out to my fellow TEDx organizers from around Pakistan in whom not only did I discover new friends but also how their actions made me change my perception about people and how I learned that humans should not be judged unless you actually get to meet them and spend time with them.

Thank you Doha, thank you TED and thanks to the 700 TEDx organizers from around the world for making this one of the most memorable experiences of my life. To all the TEDx organizers out there, I hope to see a world that reflects your ideas for a better changing tomorrow. It’s a responsibility, it’s a gift.














All photos courtesy of TED.

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