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I am Saad Hamid. Digital Evangelist & Community Mobilizer

Lessons learned while working with

Great lessons I have learned working with in the past couple of months. Essentially it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it rewired my brain. If you are in the social impact world, take note(s) but this is equally important for you if you are running a... read more

Connecting the dots with human-centered design

There are many great lessons that I have learned while working with for the past couple of months but what I loved most about this assignment is that as the In-Country Community Manager for the Amplify program, I got the opportunity to work directly with our... read more

Here’s to the crazy one from Karachi who thought different

There are two kinds of people you have around you, the ones who you know and the ones who you think you know. The former might be your close family members or ‘real friends’ and you know much about their interests and passions based on either experience or... read more

Is Paypal officially coming to Pakistan? Be surprised!

In a very surprising move today, Paypal has started rolling out its merchant services in Pakistan and now if you try to setup a merchant account through any country other than the US, (e.g. UAE or UK), you will see that you can select Pakistan from the drop down list... read more